CCFile 3.31

Easy to use file sharing system


  • No FTP knowledge needed
  • Allows user accounts to be created
  • Supports drag and drop


  • Requires some port configuration on routers
  • Transfers can be slow


If you need to transfer files from PC to PC regularly then there are various ways of doing it but CCFile attempts to make it easier.

CCFile is a free web based file transfer application that allows you to transfer files PC to PC regularly. It helps you share files, photos, music and video with friends without the need for P2P software or dealing with the complexities of FTP software. It's especially useful for large files.

It's an extremely simple apps to use. It supports drag and drop so simply drag the files you want to transfer into the CCFIle interface. You then simply enter the IP address of the recipient you want to send it to or if your own on a home network, it will automatically detect all connected users. You can observe the status of transfers via status bar and you can even resume broken transfers at a later date.

Simple and much easier than FTP, CCFile is an excellent way to transfer files to other users in a hurry.



CCFile 3.31

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